Marrakech Palmeraie Private Bike Tour 45€

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This route combines the northeast urban area of Marrakech and a portion of the 13,000 ha of the Marrakech Palmeraie.

This private tour will help you discover all the secrets of the palmeraie and its sumptuous villas of the stars. But there is also a rural life in the palmeraie. You will encounter little shepherds with their flocks of sheep and black-haired goats, and admire the ruins of the khettaras, the ancient irrigation system. Stop to sip a glass of mint tea in a lush garden. Take a ride on dirt roads, far away from the bustle of the Medina.

Cycling is the perfect way to discover the Marrakech Palmeraie, with a guide to attend and pamper to your needs.


1 DEPARTURE: 10:00

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